Ostrich Looking Through TelevisionWhen NFPs are trying to boost their visibility, they often take a well-trodden path, opting for tried and true methods to bring them results. You can hardly blame them. As NFPs rely on word of mouth, reputation and above all donations, seeking methods that will work makes pure business sense. If the public doesn’t know a nonprofit exist, how can they help support the organisation?

TV Broadcasts

For many charities, it is about getting back to basics and being seen. Before the internet, many charities relied on television to reach the masses, and often with great success. But it can sometimes come at a huge expense especially if your NFP is looking at creating an advertisement or some kind of promtion. One of the best ways of making a television appearance fit in with your budget is by securing a feature on the local news. But, without asking specifically, it probably won’t happen. As an NFP you need to have good media contacts and know who to call should an interesting story or event arise. It falls back to who you know rather than what – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As long as you are professional and courteous, then most local news networks will be more than grateful for capturing a good story, particularly one of a feel-good nature.

Go Where The Crowds Are

If you want to reach the general public in your community, then go where the crowds are. Don’t wait for them to knock on your door – source them out by increasing your presence at markets and other holiday events. Set up a stand and arrange for volunteers to man an eye-catching booth and connect with those walking by. You can hand out a small gift as an icebreaker along with a flyer or brochure to highlight your intentions. Don’t forget to use the opportunity to connect with other stall holders as they too may be interested in your charity. Old-fashioned networking still has pride of place in getting the word out and gaining attention.

Partner Up

If you strike the right partnership, then you have a new audience at your disposal. Whether it is a local business, a sport’s team or even a restaurant, all of them can help spread the word about your audience in exchange for promotion and recognition. It is a win-win for both sides. Look to source a business or businesses that may be open to helping you. Highlight your value to them first and foremost. They need to see that it is a deal which will benefit both parties. Brainstorm your ideas and fine tune your pitch even before you walk in the door. That will reduce your nerves and increase the chance of the business wanting to work alongside your NFP. And, what’s more, a new partnership gives you fresh fodder to work with when you mingle with the crowds and land your spot on the prime time news.