fundraisingFundraising can be a complicated process, but if you know what mistakes to avoid as soon as you come out of the gate, then it can be a lot easier. You will need to do more than just announce that you require finance to get donors to back you. In truth, much of it comes down to precise planning. Without it, you are just throwing a variety of marketing ideas to the wall in the hope that something will stick.

Lack of communication

Lack of communication can affect many areas, but without it, donors will be left scratching their heads. Communication around donor support and fundraising needs to be regular, transparent and precise. Try to provide as many updates as possible and always be clear when showing exactly who will benefit from the support. And if and when they do give to your NFP, send them a personalised thank you to acknowledge their generosity.

Inadequate preparation

If you think you can walk into a company and request money without any prior preparation, think again. Your pitch needs to be thorough and well-thought out even to get consideration. If you drop the ball in your initial meeting, all you will have is a missed opportunity. Chances are extremely high that the organisation will not consider you a second time round.

One-sided relationships

Relationships need to be developed first before your donors will put their hand into their pocket and give you money. It cannot just be all one-sided with your charity gaining while the other side gets nothing out of it. You need to cultivate and develop connections, so they remain by your side. Find opportunities to socialise without asking for money. That way, when the time comes, the donor will be happy to commit.

Failure to demonstrate with clarity

Think back to your last fundraiser. Did you show clearly where all the money went? And by clearly, we mean a figure by figure breakdown. If a donor gives $1,000 – they want to know exactly where their money is going. Can you demonstrate the results of your fundraisers with ease? Donors want NFPs to be held accountable for the money they receive, so if you are not prepared – it is time to get back to the basics and get organised.

No visible publicity

Fundraisers do not run themselves. Advertising is going to be critical to the success of your operation. So get to work and use every avenue you have to promote it. Consider your online and offline methods and put those media contacts to good use. Write out a press release and circulate it far and wide. Substantial publicity and marketing will improve your chances of reaching your fundraising goals..

Good luck with your next fundraising venture!