pexels-photo-210620Everything generally comes with a cost but there are some exceptions. If you are a nonprofit, then it pays to be aware of the free resources which are available to make your life run simpler and smoother. Whether you are looking to increase your volunteers or raise funds, these resources may just be the thing you need.


Meetup is a platform to bring like-minded people together. If you want to attract volunteers, helpers or supporters for your charity, then it is worth creating a group to bring people together. As new people sign up in your area, then the more your NFP will gain from new members. It can be a constant source of volunteers and a great way to spread awareness.


Storify unites social media and storytelling to engage your audience. It allows you to create your own stories and share on social media or embed neatly on websites and blogs. Shape your nonprofit’s narrative with this simple app and create messages that your readers will want to share with others.


Causes make supporting the causes that you like super simple. You can create a campaign, build your community, source volunteers and more. The platform also allows you to tap into the website’s established Facebook community. Known as the world’s largest online campaigning platform, it pays to be seen amongst the ranks of others.


TwtPoll give NFPs the chance to create social media surveys on Twitter, Facebook and via an account. You can also learn the results of the polls by viewing the statistics and determining who voted and from what country. This is a great app for those trying to make the most of their social media reach.


GroupMe is an app that allows free texting between a small group of people. It is particularly helpful for real-time communication between staff or managing the costs of volunteers during your fundraisers and events. Coordinate with your coworkers in an instant and keep all the nonprofit texts in one convenient space.