thank you

Each time a donor gives to your NFP, you should show your gratitude in some way. But how do you thank a donor who gives a donation over and above that which is normally received? As big donors are few and far between, it is worth going out of your way to say thank you. Here are some interesting ideas which may suit your non-profit.

Send Them Results-Oriented Photography

Donors who give big are interested in more than just a thank you letter. Consider sending them photographs which show actual results of your project or program. Big donors will most likely give again if they can see that their dollars have gone towards making a real difference in someone else’s life. And as a special surprise, why not get some of your workers and volunteers to hold up a thank you banner. Your big donors will appreciate your special efforts.

Give Them a Featured Spot on your Website

Show them just how much you appreciate their donation by featuring them on your site. Create a section on the website where you can post your messages of gratitude and profile the organisations that have gone above and beyond to give to your cause. Generous donations call for a more personalised approach and a website mention, company blurb and link will do just nicely.

Offer a Personalised Tour of your Non-profit

Donors want to be able to feel a real connection to your organisation. Consider offering a personalised tour of your offices or project so they can see exactly what is being done to further your efforts. Keep them up to date on all the activities and maintain a high level of excitement, allowing them to feel like they are truly a part of your operation. Maintaining a close relationship with your donors is extremely important in the long term.

Mail a Swag Bag to Show your Appreciation

While you don’t want to be spending a lot of money on expensive gifts, a thoughtful bundle of goodies will demonstrate your appreciation loud and clear. You can send out personalised gifts such as mugs, photos, bookmarks, a small booklet, postcards or even a thank you card. Let your swag bag tell a story about your efforts to differentiate from all the other corporate gifts they may receive.

Create a Thank You Event

Invite your top donors to a special event to thank them for their interest in your NFP. You may also want to invite a few cold prospects who are still on the fence about giving. The event, and a chance to converse with others who are already sold on your non-profit may just be the push they need to donate to your charity. Try to keep it as informal and as fun as possible. Just remember to give plenty of attention to your donors who have helped fund your project too.

These are just a few of the ways you can show your appreciation. Remember that something is indeed better than nothing. Keep an open communication between your organisation and the donors, so there is room to contact them in the future.