pexels-photo-262508Stumped for topics for your NFP’s next blog post? Allow one or more of the following subject ideas to inspire you!

Focus on What’s Trending Now

No matter how passionate you are about your cause, or how well-written your article may be, if your subject matter isn’t one that interests your supporters, it increases the chance they will disregard it rather than reading it and sharing it with their friends and family. One way to find topics that are relevant to your supporters is to use the Google Keyword Research Tool.

Simply enter a one-word topic that relates to the story that you want to tell and hit enter, and the search will return the top keywords that others are searching for that link to that topic. By following the trend and creating blog posts that feature frequently searched terms, you increase the odds that others that are interested in your posts will find them, read them and share them.

Once you’ve decided on a keyword, and written your article, post it, along with a trending, customised hashtag to make it even easier to find and share online!

Answer Questions

The Internet is a powerful tool for learning more about ourselves, others and the world around us. When many folks search online, they aren’t just looking for funny cat videos, although those are super popular now, they are looking for answers. Quora is a great platform for discovering what is on the mind of others, and, provides users with a means of sharing their knowledge and expertise with the world.

So, go online and offer insight, and solutions, to people’s most vexing problems that are in alignment with your mission. Mine prior emails that you have received to discover the most frequently asked questions and create one or more posts to provide further assistance to your supporters.

Create short videos to share on yur YouTube and other channels that teach others how to do activities that are frequently searched. The more that you help others, the more likely others will be to stand with your organisation and help it achieve its mission.

Report on the Results

Was your latest fundraising event a smashing success? Did your organisation just achieve a goal it has long worked towards? Did you recently increase the impact made by one or more service projects? Why not let the world know in your next blog post!

When reporting results, it’s always good to try to humanise the details as much as possible. Try focusing on what aspect of your mission, what is specifically at stake, and how this batch of results makes a real difference. Close the post with a call to action that invites others to join in your fight to improve the lives of others.

Conduct Interviews

Another way to create a blog post that will really interest your supporters is to conduct interviews with the stakeholders and those otherwise connected with your NFP. Ask your volunteers, board members, directors and others just what it’s like working in the community for your NFP and the lessons they have learned from the experience of helping others. Talk with service recipients and ask them to tell their stories of just how your NFP’s work has improved their situations and daily life.  By offering diverse perspectives on your cause and the work that you do in your community you increase your public approval and reputation, increasing the sense of value and satisfaction others derive from assisting your cause.

Post a Wishlist or Other Top 10 List

Top 10 lists are always a big hit, so why not share yours with your followers? Create a list of your organisation’s top ten goals or write about the types of projects you could fund, and services that you could provide if you were just able to reach a specific fundraising target. Discuss the top challenges facing the not-for-profit sector and your organisation specifically as it strives to increase its impact in the community. By letting others know your wants and preferences, you invite them to join you on the journey to creating positive change, and, you show them specific actions they can take to make a genuine difference!