pexels-photo-635005With so much attention paid to developing great content for your NFP’s blog, you might have overlooked the need to create dedicated landing pages for your website. Landing pages are an essential part of any NFP’s online marketing strategy. Primarily, they are a standalone page that is designed to do one thing: encourage the visitors to your site to take a specific action. This is the page that all your posts on social media should direct your supporters to when you want them to take action to support your cause.

Whether you want your audience to sign up for a newsletter, become a member, or take another important action to support your nonprofit, such as advocating, volunteering or donating, a great landing page can help you seal the deal. The following five tips can help you increase your conversion rate for your NFP’s landing pages.


Start things off on the right foot by creating a headline that will grab the attention of your supporters. This will ensure you have their attention from the outset and encourage them to read further down the page to see what it is all about.

Tell Stories that Define Your NFP’s Impact

Tell a compelling human-interest story about your nonprofit that captures their interest. Let your visitors know what’s at stake. Include details that illustrate the impact of your nonprofit’s work that will encourage supporters to join in your efforts to make a difference. The best stories for nonprofits typically include characters that your viewers will relate to and be spurred on to help. Include a visual element, such as a photo or video, that supports the central theme of the text of your story to generate an even more significant connection between your audience and your mission.

Use Buttons to Encourage Action

Make sure that your landing page includes prominent, easy to see and use buttons that will allow viewers to take the action that you wish them to take with just one click of the button.

Make Use of Graphics and Social Proof to Create Urgency and Boost Authenticity

Include graphics that display the progress of your fundraising campaign. You might also include widgets that display a countdown of the remaining days and hours in your campaign to encourage greater giving. Enable comments from your social media profiles to be displayed on the page so that others can share their success stories with your nonprofit to increase potential donors trust in your organisation and its work.

Make Your Landing Page Easy to Share

An increasing number of individuals are using their smartphones to surf the Internet, research topics as well as make purchasing decisions online. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so crucial that nonprofits make an effort to ensure that their landing page has been optimised for mobile users. You should also check to make sure that your landing pages, as well as your other posts, are easy to share on social media so that you can improve the reach of your messaging.