You may wonder the need for a sub-committee when you have a very active committee already to hand. But sub-committees can be very helpful during periods of heavy workloads or even just to delegate some of the less important tasks.

Consider the small details

If you have a project that involves a lot of research, then a sub-committee is the perfect way to get it done. The work can be done outside of the regular board meetings, so precious executive time is not wasted. Volunteers and NFP staff can do the job that is necessary and then report back to the main committee once they have all the facts to hand.

Speciality assistance is required

If you are looking to move outside of the realms of your current field of knowledge, then speciality information may be necessary. This can come via a speciality committee created to find the necessary facts or opinions you seek. This method is also great for utilising part-time members who have no interest in assisting your non-profit on a full-time basis.

Junior staff have a place on the team

Developing your staff, in particular, the younger members of your team is a positive step for all. It can help to build their skills and give them experience in other areas of your NFP, outside of their current role or skillset. Show your value by rewarding your team with extra responsibility and watch them thrive.

Let your service users have a voice

Consider letting those you assist, speak. They can offer great insight into speciality committees as they are more informal than traditional board meetings and give everyone an opportunity to be heard. Service users can provide extremely valuable information about your NFP from the most basic of levels.

Sub-committees can work well in the right set of circumstances and boundaries. They can then report back to the main board and give their findings. Once the committee has run its course, your NFP can then close the committee or leave it open, until such a time when they may be needed again. Sub-committees also have the potential to evolve should a project develop well into the future. As long as good governance is in place, then there is no reason why a sub-committee should not work in your favour.