pexels-photo-1282270Technology has brought change to the very way that we work, and, live our daily lives. Society itself has changed, and, many of the old ways of doing things no longer work very well. This means that we need to change the way we think about things and approach issues and seek new perspectives so that we can find solutions that are more effective. This is especially true when it comes to recruiting and training our future volunteers. The following strategies will help you improve your nonprofit’s outreach to younger age groups.

Leverage Tech to Your Advantage During the Recruiting and Onboarding Stage

Millennials and younger adults don’t remember a time before the Internet and instant connectivity. To reach and connect with members of this generation, your nonprofit must upgrade its systems and platforms. Use social media and apps to get the word out about your mission, and opportunities to volunteer with your organisation. Make it easy for potential volunteers to join, by partnering with third parties such as Volunteer Match to locate volunteers with a specific skill set and fully automate your application process.

Use Tech to Facilitate Learning, Communication and Community Building

Take your organisation’s training online, so that volunteers can easily assess important materials, learn at their own pace and be able to refer to them as they learn about their roles and responsibilities. Use a mix of text, images and video content to make learning more fun and easier.

Create an online guide or “wiki” on your NFP Intranet that volunteers and other members can turn to for answers to frequently asked questions. Use instant messaging programs, such as Slack, to help your volunteers stay connected while in the office or working from remote locations. Video conferencing programs, such as Skype, make it easy for everyone to see one another and participate in live meetings regardless of where they happen to be in the world. Creating online forums and discussion boards where your volunteers can post or answer questions, or simply chat and get to know one another helps you to build an online community where volunteers can gather, share and discuss ideas.

The more that you can use technology to stimulate open and honest communication, the more creative your team will be!

Be More Flexible, Adaptive and Inclusive

Younger generations are looking for opportunities to volunteer that are personally rewarding, and, that are easy to include in their already overloaded, busy daily schedules. To attract the volunteers of the future, look for ways to offer flexible scheduling options and more choice about when and where your volunteers perform their work. Make it easy for others to volunteer with you, whether they have a spare 30 minutes in their day, or several hours to days to offer you each week.

Learn More About How to Attract Future Volunteers

Volunteer Match is hosting a free webinar on April 9, 2019, that offers NFPs some techniques and tips to use to increase their engagement with future volunteers. Some of the helpful topics that will be discussed include how to use “word of mouth” advertising and social media to connect more closely with your volunteers and their connections and the top trends shaping volunteering today.