pexels-photo-1061580 (1)While the upcoming holidays are often thought of as a happy, joyous time for many, others find the season less than festive and bright. The extra workload that often comes with the year’s end can make it difficult to deal with our regular stress levels. The holidays tend to stir up a lot of emotions, some of which can be conflicting, and our expectations are more likely to be unrealistic at this time as well, which makes coping with any type of source of stress much more difficult. Activities that promote wellness can help you and your staff reduce the pressure, making it easier to accomplish your tasks and feel great in the process! Use the following strategies to take better care of yourself, and others as the year comes to a close!

Increase Access to Personal Care Services

Counselling, massage therapy, yoga and meditation and even simple exercise are a few of the many activities that can provide a relief valve for our stress. Counselling, for example, is a great way to help your team get a better handle on their emotions and learn new coping strategies,  and who doesn’t feel better after a refreshing massage or simply having the opportunity to step away from their regular duties and relax and unwind.

Consider offering these types of services to your staff on-site, so that they can get relief fast during their breaks. You could also partner with third parties to provide these services off-site, but at a free or reduced rate, to make it easier for your team to access them.

Embrace the Season in Your Surroundings

Sometimes, all that you need to pick up the mood in your workplace and get in on the fun is simply to embrace the spirit of the holidays. Talk to your team about decorating your workspace. Stock your breakroom with Snacks, beverages and other treats compatible with the holidays, and make sure that you offer delicious, but healthy, alternatives to traditional holiday fare that may be unhealthy. Have a seasonal, or end of year party to thank everyone for their hard work and congratulate one another on what you’ve been able to accomplish, together!

Be Flexible with Scheduling Options

At this time of year, it’s especially difficult for most of us to handle all of the competing demands at home and in the office. Look for ways to be more flexible with your scheduling requirements so that your team has more time to go shopping and complete errands before or after their shifts end. Consider adjusting targets and roles for your team and be generous about your goals and expectations as the year wraps up. While it’s still possible to be productive, and perform at a high level, you need to set a good example and encourage your team to take breaks, get plenty of rest and avoid overworking so that they don’t burn out.

Inform Your Team about New Proposals Before the Year Ends

If you will be implementing major changes in the first month or quarter of the upcoming year, go ahead and inform your team so that they can be mentally prepared before they take effect. Create an action plan for you and your team to follow once the new year begins so that all of you return to the office feeling energised and ready to start on a new, improved track for the new year!

How you end this year is entirely up to you! Rather than overworking yourself and others, why not take some time to practice good self-care and increase your energy levels and performance at the same time!