gofundmeIf your nonprofit has been considering adding a GoFundMe campaign to its fundraising mix, you will be happy to learn that Australian nonprofits can now create a GoFundMe account, and use the platform to raise funds for their organisations, at no charge! Small to medium-sized nonprofits will find the platform very useful as they typically lack the financial resources necessary to market their nonprofit effectively. By leveraging the power of crowdsourcing, NFPs of all sizes and locations can more easily raise the funds that they need without breaking their budget!

The following fundraising ideas will help you create a campaign that attracts attention to your cause and increase the donations that you receive.

Create a Compelling Campaign

Once you’ve signed up for a free account, you will need to create a fundraising campaign. Focus on your NFP’s story, and how your work makes a direct impact in your community. Look for a way to tell your story from an angle that illustrates in very human terms, just what is at stake. Choose a high-resolution photo that captures the need that you are trying to address so that it is easier for viewers to connect with your cause and care about your work.

Challenge Supporters

The most successful campaigns typically have a theme or activity that generates excitement and encourages others to join in by contributing to your cause. For example, you could challenge your supporters to give up a small luxury or indulgence for a short period, and then donate the amount that they would have spent on their daily or weekly treat. You could also ask area businesses to support your efforts by matching contributions made by others when they give a specific amount, or during a particular time.

Share Your Campaigns

Once you’ve decided on a theme, and created your campaign, share your GoFundMe campaign on your nonprofit’s social media channels. Create a donations tracker, such as a fundraising thermometer or other chart that will update in real time and visually show others how close you are to reaching your goal. Use countdowns, and tweet about challenges, major donations, and other live updates during your event to help spread awareness about your drive so that it stays top of mind with your nonprofit’s supporters. Use a custom hashtag to make it easier for your supporters to follow your progress across multiple social media channels.

Don’t Forget About Media Coverage to Boost Your Event

Don’t limit yourself to social media, but, look at more traditional forms of advertising to spread awareness about your campaign. Ask a local radio or TV news station to cover a human-interest story involving your nonprofit and ask them to follow up by mentioning your current fundraiser during their broadcast.

Use Live, In-Person Events to Augment Your Results

Don’t rely on crowdsourcing alone to help you reach your fundraising goals. Combine your GoFundMe fundraiser with in-person events to boost your results. For example, in addition to your online campaign, you could host a charity bake sale, hold a special auction, throw a gala or other party or even host conferences and offer training to bring in more money for your nonprofit. These events aren’t just a great time to ask for a donation, but, you can also charge ticket fees, as well as sell concessions or merchandise to maximise the funds that you receive.