pexels-photo-207538Without volunteers, it would be practically impossible for most nonprofits to accomplish any of the tasks that must be completed on a regular basis if progress is to be made on reaching NFP goals. Being able to recruit enough volunteers to complete all of the work that needs to be done is quite difficult for most NFPs.

You can make it easier to keep your existing volunteers and recruit new ones by taking steps to increase your volunteers’ sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in their work with your organisation. Doing so will boost your volunteers’ morale and engagement, and make them more likely to remain committed to your cause.

Keep Your Volunteers in the Loop

One way to strengthen the bond between your NFP and its volunteers is to keep your volunteers fully informed of the progress your nonprofit is making in the community. Use technology such as email and automatic alerts to help your volunteers stay up-to-date on changes, and aware of breaking news and key events.

Taking steps to keep your volunteers in the loop reinforces to them just how important they are to you, and how vital the work actually is that they do for your organisation and your community.

Seek Input and Feedback from Your Volunteers

Nothing demoralises individuals more than feeling as though their concerns are not heard, or that they are being taken for granted. Take the time to learn more about what your volunteers truly want and need.

Encourage open communication. Ask for honest opinions and suggestions about what you and your not-for-profit can do to improve their volunteer experience. Offer options for volunteers to provide anonymous feedback.

One good way to do this is to contract with an independent company to send out “blind” questionnaires that ask probing questions. Allow the organisation to tally the results and provide responses and other feedback to you without attaching any personally identifiable information to the survey.

Got Resources? Spread them Around!

Another way to keep your volunteers actively motivated to give their best is to make sure your volunteer forces are fully trained and equipped to complete its mission. Whether it’s updated software, in-depth training or something else that’s critical to completing the service project, provide your volunteers with all of the tools and resources that they need to complete their tasks and do their job well.

Show Your Appreciation

Everyone wants to feel that their work matters. Always look for ways to express your appreciation to your volunteers. Don’t forget to say thank you and acknowledge the excellent work that they do, whether the task is large or small. Perks and awards ceremonies are additional ways to reward your volunteers for their efforts. Don’t forget about the power of social media to provide recognition and increase support for your cause. Use it to shout-out the accomplishments of your volunteers and to remind your volunteers of the impact that their work makes on service recipients and your entire community!