pexels-photo-66636Use the following techniques to maximise engagement, boost results and make your next event your most successful one yet!

Recruit and Utilise Brand Ambassadors to Increase Engagement in Your Community

Building engagement in your community begins long before you host or attend an event. Recruit some of your NFP’s most dependable, and motivated fans to become spokespersons for your organisation. Have these ambassadors go out into your community to meet with business people, local government officials, and key thought leaders and introduce them to your nonprofit, the mission and the programs and services that you have to offer. Have them ask for input and advice as they brainstorm with third parties about the ways your NFP can partner with others in the community to make a genuine difference.  Once you have planned an event, have your ambassadors encourage their connections to attend!

Use Social Media to Promote Your Event

Many social media channels offer organisations a variety of ways to promote their events. Invite your community to attend via your own website, as well as your pages on Facebook, and send individual invites to followers in your Facebook group. Send alerts and reminders about your event over your Twitter profile, and post pictures and other images about your event on your Instagram account that will stir up interest and excitement.

Reap the Benefits of Live Tweeting

Keep interest and engagement high during your actual event by using Twitter and customised hashtags to send live alerts such as challenges, and updates on progress towards your goal.

Draw Attention with Drones and Digital Signs

If you are participating in an event with multiple vendors or other organisations, use technology to call attention to your specific table or booth. For example, you could have drones perform synchronised movements, or even a dance, to draw people to your location. Digital Signs are also another way to use your NFP’s logo to alert others where your space can be found.

Wearables and Interactive Screens

Virtual and augmented reality combined with the use of headsets can help your NFP illustrate future plans and concepts to your supporters. Don’t just tell supporters what you want to accomplish, let them see it, and even “walk around in it” to show just what is possible by working together and encouraging greater enthusiasm about capital building plans and other projects. Use projection maps to create interactive screens to illustrate points and attract greater notice by attendees to your event.

Use Tech to Be Present in Multiple Locations

If your NFP is hosting multiple events on the same day, your key people no longer must choose which event to attend! Holograms allow your speakers and other key leaders to be visually present in multiple locations, so you no longer have to miss any events!

Offer Takeaway Content to Continue Connecting After Event Ends

Just because your event has come to a close, doesn’t mean that your conversation has to end. Many attendees prefer to think about a specific proposal sometime after an event has occurred. Keep them interested in your projects and other work by sending them home with takeaway content such as a handout or brochure and using tech to encourage them to sign-up and opt-in for newsletters, follow-up emails and other communications at your kiosk.