pexels-photo-748777The ATO’s NFP Stewardship Group meets three times each year. The group is comprised of key stakeholders in the NFP community and meets to analyse and discuss the primary tax issues and reporting concerns that affect nonprofits today.

The group typically reviews government proposals that change policies affecting the not-for-profits sector. The status of current tax administration and laws are also topics that are frequently discussed.

Keep Up-to-Date on Policy Changes that Impact NFPs

Before the publication of the formal minutes of their meetings, the group releases a summary of the key messages, or takeaways, from their discussions. The information contained in these releases can help nonprofits of any type and size to stay abreast of changes in policy and other potential events that will impact the ability of their NFP to make a difference in their community.

The key messages from the group’s July 2018 meeting are now available online.  


Several important announcements were made at the July meeting in Melbourne, including notice that John McIntosh of the Charities Tax Advisory Service has been appointed to replace outgoing community co-chair, Joe Zabar, after his two-year tenure.


One of the group’s primary concerns is identifying and proposing solutions to issues involving NFPs and improving their interaction with the tax and super system. They also seek to clarify tax issues and offer guidance to NFPs on taxes and the law. During a discussion of franking credits, it was announced that the ATO is now actively working to better designate which types of NFPs and other organisations may be entitled to receive them.

The group also discussed ways that the ATO can streamline some of its processes for nonprofits. A key concern is how to design and implement fully automated, and digital options that will simplify the reporting process.  Other topics that the group covered during the meeting included the DGR Reform Project, GST Benchmark market values, and several draft rulings.


While the nomination period for new membership in the group has now closed for the year, the group welcomes suggestions for issues NFPs would like the group to consider and review. Questions and other comments can be submitted to the group by email at


The next meeting of the group will be held on the 28 November 2018, in Sydney. All new and current members of the NFP Stewardship Group are invited to attend this last face-to-face meeting of the year.