instagram-social-media-web-pages-internet-163141The are many benefits that your nonprofit can derive from utilising digital data. One of the most important is that it simplifies the process of tracking, recording, organising and analysing information. This means that it’s easier to produce meaningful reports that help you gain the insight that you need to improve your performance. This also makes it less difficult to illustrate the impact of your work to all your stakeholders.

There is a Downside to Digital Data and Social Media When You Fail to Manage Risk

Upgrading your hardware and software to make better use of digital data gives you the tools you need to stand out, and raise awareness about your cause. But, it doesn come with some challenges. For example, if you fail to protect your data from theft or other loss, you’re not just losing a competitive advantage. There are legal consequences for failing to manage this type of risk, and your NFP could lose support if a data breach or other event becomes public knowledge.

This is also true of social media. It has the power to boost the visibility of your work and increase the reach of your messages so that you can increase support for your organisation. But, it also has its drawbacks. Unless you take steps to effectively manage your social profiles and actively engage with your followers in a timely manner, mistakes can be made that damage your reputation and brand image.

Digital Data Management Tips

The following strategies will lower the risk of loss due to ineffective management of your NFP digital data.

Migrate to the Cloud

If you haven’t already, consider upgrading your software to a platform that opens in your browser, and that later stores your NFP information in the cloud. By definition, cloud storage keeps your information offsite, so that there is less worry that it will be lost due to physical theft or an unexpected event. Enhanced cloud security is one of the many benefits of Admin Bandit’s software suite for volunteer treasurers, as it makes your NFP’s financial data less open to online theft.

VPN and Two-Factor Verification

Using a VPN creates a secure connection between your computer and the server, protecting your data stream from prying eyes. Two-Factor verification goes one step further than a password or code for users to log into their devices and applications, making it much more difficult for someone to steal or guess a single password.

Dedicated Logins

Use software and apps that offer dedicated logins and tracking history so that you can monitor who is logging into specific accounts, and programs, what time they are doing so, and what files they access to increase your oversight and your security.

Train Your Staff

Despite all the headlines about hacking, malware, and online fraud, a surprising number of computer users still use easy to guess passwords, such as “password” or “guest” to secure their accounts, or physically write them down where they can be found. Take steps to train your staff and volunteers on the importance of cybersecurity measures and the actions that they need to take to secure information to help protect from loss.

Ideas to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

The following tips can help you stay on top of your social media and use it to your best advantage!

Set Alerts

Any time that your nonprofit is mentioned in the media, you want to be aware of what is being said, who said it, and when. Sign up for alerts to receive text messages or emails anytime that your nonprofit is referred to online. In addition to your organisation’s name, set up alerts for the names of board members, key donors, and other prominent members of your organisation, along with your NFP motto, tagline and other words and terms that identify your brand.

With alerts, you can act and respond to any and all social interactions faster and more effectively. If your followers are very active, you should consider assembling a social media team to speed up your response time. A fast response allows you to keep the conversation going online and strengthens your connection with others. Answering questions also improves your reputation for transparency and helpfulness. If a follower makes a negative comment, it gives you a chance to investigate, and, possibly turn things around and resolve outstanding issues more favourably.

Use a Publishing Calendar and Content Management App to Automate Some Posts

Creating great content is key to inspiring your followers, but, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with your other duties and forget to post! Use a calendar to plan out your posts days, weeks or even months in advance!

Switch up the types of content that you create, and aim for a mix of written articles, infographics, photo essays and videos to make your posts more exciting and increase the chances that one or more will go “viral” and bring in more support. As you create content ahead of time, use apps to schedule your posts so that they are made automatically. Look for ways to repurpose your existing content by presenting the same information in a different way or covering a story from an alternative angle.

Match Your Posts to the Needs of the Specific Social Media Channel

While nearly everyone knows that the number of characters that you can use in Twitter tweets are limited, and that Instagram is a great social media channel for sharing photos, a surprising amount of individuals neglect to use the right channel for their posts.

Long-form content, such as articles and blog posts, works great on your NFP website, or Facebook. If you want to refer your Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest followers to a specific piece of content, post an interesting photo, along with a catchy caption and link to engage your audience.

Make it Easier to Find Your Content on Social Media

Don’t forget to use hashtags to help your followers to find your NFP’s posts online, regardless of where you have posted a specific piece of content. Research trending topics to help you craft a hashtag that is memorable and searchable to increase the likelihood that it will be found and shared.

Make it Fun and Ask Others to Share

Polls, challenges and other contests are a great way to stir up more interest in your nonprofit and its work. These types of posts are also more likely to go viral and be shared with your followers’ connections, increasing the reach of your posts. Simply asking your supporters to share your posts is another great way to increase the visibility of your posts!