pexels-photo-383646Several studies have shown that year end is the most popular time of the year to donate to charity, with nearly a third of all giving occurring during December. And, over 10% of all donations occurs during the last three days of the year! This roundup of our best marketing posts will ensure that you’re up-to-date on the latest tools and trends to best boost your brand and increase your donations before the holidays begin!

Do You Understand What Marketing Is?

Before you can begin to develop a solid marketing plan, it’s important for you to know what marketing can do for your NFP, and what it cannot. Crucial to this understanding is learning some of the basic terms. For example, many folks use fundraising and marketing interchangeably; but, while there is a relationship between the two, they really aren’t the same thing.

Branding Tips

Building a positive image for your nonprofit should be one of the primary goals of your marketing strategy. The following articles contain tips to help you build a strong, positive brand image for your nonprofit and its work: Expert Branding Tips for NFPs and Get Back to Basics with Your NFP Branding.

Creating Content for Your NFP

The content that you create for your NFP always plays a critical role in your branding. Our blog post on content marketing delves deep into the reasons why your nonprofit’s stories matter to your audience. This post, along with our article entitled Use Emotion to Your Advantage, offers solid advice on how to use it to strengthen your connection with your supporters and increase the impact of your storytelling.

Diversify Your Approach

While content creation is the foundation of any successful marketing strategy, your nonprofit will benefit from multiple marketing efforts. You can learn more about the importance of influencer marketing in our article about influencer marketing. Word of mouth marketing is an especially important marketing tactic given the rise of social media. Our post on this very subject provides helpful tips on how to reap the rewards of this budget-friendly marketing device.

Is your Website and Other Online Marketing Efforts on Point?

The Internet has revolutionised the way we connect and interact with others in every area of our lives. Your nonprofit needs to stay up-to-date on all the latest digital trends affecting your brand image and other marketing efforts. The following articles are a must for ensuring that your NFP is creating a strong online brand image that’s aligned with your values and goals: How Your NFP Can Boost Their Online Impact, 12 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your NFP Website, Helpful Social Media Strategies for NFPs and 4 Solid Marketing Strategies for NFPs.

Control Your NFP Marketing Costs

Many nonprofits have limited resources that they can dedicate to brand building, advertising and fundraising. Taking control of your marketing spend can help you reign in the costs. Two additional articles, 7 Low Budget Marketing Tips for Nonprofits and Marketing on a Shoestring Budget is Possible offer further advice on how to get the word out about your work, without breaking your budget!

Additional Marketing Techniques to Consider

Your approach to marketing needs to be varied. Consider your landing page and your email subscribers, and pay particular attention to the content of your newsletters. All your marketing efforts can be improved by taking the time to test your messages and using various metrics to evaluate your marketing plan’s performance mid-campaign.