coffee-desk-notes-workspaceMembers of the board set the tone and drive the nonprofit’s vision and mission forward as they provide oversight of NFP activities, develop strategy, manage finances and make decisions. In order for your nonprofit to achieve its mission, you must have a strong board.

Training is Key to Board Development

Very few members come to the board with a thorough understanding of their duties and responsibilities. Most nonprofits commonly provide their new board members with a copy of their board’s handbook and give a brief overview of their role during an orientation session.

If you want your board members and their support staff to be prepared to perform their jobs well, a single orientation session is generally not enough to fully equip them if they lack expertise in critical areas such as financial management.

This is why training plays such a vital role in developing an effective board. It is one way to guarantee that everyone is prepared and drawing upon a broad base of common financial knowledge when they analyse information and make decisions.

Training for Boards to Better Understand Nonprofit Finances

Unless your members of the board and the staff that support them come from an accounting or finance background, it’s likely that they don’t have a thorough grasp on the essentials of your organisation’s financial reports, budgets and cash flow.

Our Community is offering a training to help boards, managers and their staff learn how to get at the heart of their NFP’s finances. The session is just $350 per person and will be held in Melbourne, from 9:00 am-12:00 pm on 14 March. The workshop will be led by Generate’s Director of Advisory and Consulting, David Sharpe, who holds a Master’s in management and is a Grad Cert in accounting and financial management.

Workshop Details

This workshop is developed to address the needs of those who want to be more financially literate, but who are non-financially minded. Participants will learn how to cut through confusing financial terminology to get to the heart of the matter.

They will learn how to read and understand various financial reports, learn how to apply ratios and other tools to analyse reports, budgets and statements, evaluate performance, ask the critical questions, and make independent, well-informed decisions that will impact their organisation’s finances, and future, in a positive way.

Workshop Registration

Registration closes ten days before the event, or 4 March, so you will want to sign up soon to reserve your space! To register, or learn more about this training workshop, please visit Our Community’s event on their website.