people-vintage-photo-memoriesIf you want to attract attention to your NFP blog, and build more authentic connections with your followers, you should allow your personality to shine through when you create landing pages, blog posts and other content for your blog! The following tips can help you effectively personalise your blog and use it to increase community involvement in, and support for, your work.

Build Your Brand by Using Your NFP’s Logo and Colours in Your Blog

You can strengthen your brand identity by using your NFP’s logo and tagline in your blog’s heading. Include the colours that you use in your logo throughout your site.

For example, instead of just using regular black lettered text to differentiate sections of your blog, and for titles of your blog posts, use the colours that are used in your NFP’s logo to strengthen the connection between your logo, and what your nonprofit stands for. In addition to your blog, use the same logo, tagline, and logo colours to create a seamless presentation across all your social media profiles, to further strengthen your brand image.

Establish Rapport and Use a Friendly, Consistent Voice

Tone can be difficult to convey through words alone, so you must be careful when establishing your NFP’s “voice” or online persona. Always try to use language that makes your content, and the work that you do, more accessible to your supporters.

Use vocabulary and terms that emphasise human connections and feelings, and that will help your blog visitors feel welcome at your NFP both online and at in-person events. Strive to create a consistent, human, open and friendly tone on your blog, as well as across all your social media channels.

Respond quickly to any comments made on blog posts and elsewhere on your social media profiles to encourage dialogue with others and help them feel more connected with you, your organisation, and the work that you are doing.

Use Clear and Captivating Photos

Great images help you quickly get your message across and make it easier to connect with your supporters on a tangible, personal level. Pictures are especially helpful when you need to show just what is at stake in your service community, and how your work makes a direct impact.

Always add a high-resolution photo that illustrates your cause in your NFP’s blog header. Include it elsewhere on your blog, in blog posts, on your specific landing pages and even in one of the most valuable pieces of real estate that many bloggers forget to fully utilise – the sidebar!

Help Your Supporters Get to Know the People Behind Your Mission and Organisation

Create posts that give your supporters an insider’s view of what goes on behind the scenes at your nonprofit so that they can get a real feel for the work that you do, and, how it helps both your members, and other stakeholders.

Highlight contributions made by specific staff members, volunteers and donors, and allow key members of your organisation, such as your executive director, to weigh in topics and news items that matter most to your members and community. Interview the folks that are connected to your nonprofit and allow them to tell their story of what your organisation means to them, and why supporting your work is so important to them and others in your community.

The more that you can create a clear, and open online persona on your blog, the easier it will be to encourage your supporters to commit fully to your mission and support your work through volunteering, donating and advocating on your NFP’s behalf.