blog postsNo matter how creative, or knowledgeable you might be, it’s sometimes tough to decide what to write about on your nonprofit’s blog. You might mistakenly believe that you have nothing new or useful to contribute to the NFP community, or, your wellspring of inspiration may simply have run dry.

The next time that you find yourself struggling to come up with just the right topic to cover and words to use, why not give one of the following subjects a go?

Summarise Overly Long Reports

There’s a lot of research and statistics out there that directly relates to the mission and impact made by many organisations. Since a lot of us lead such busy lives, it’s hard to find the time to read very lengthy, data-heavy reports.

For your next blog post, you could make this information more accessible and easier to understand by creating a summary that calls attention to key points and explains them in a format that’s shorter and simple to skim over and understand.

Tell Your Community’s Stories to Raise Awareness, Lift Spirits and Increase Giving

With so many genuine needs in the world, supporters can quickly become discouraged. Over time, their engagement with your nonprofit and other community-based organisations may decrease as they lose hope and begin to feel that their efforts don’t matter because they haven’t made a difference.

Create posts that show how your organisation is meeting the needs of others in your community, and use images, such as infographics, photos and videos that show how even small gifts given over a period can create positive, and lasting change.

Share Your Knowledge

What knowledge do you have that your supporters and beneficiaries would find useful, or entertaining? Lists of helpful hints and tips of interest to your audience are always popular posts.

Does your organisation need to stretch to reach its fundraising or recruiting goals? Drum up support among your stakeholders by creating a post that explains how your readers and viewers can get directly involved and help your NFP reach its goals.

You could also create posts that explore small changes that your readers and viewers can make in their everyday life that will make a significant impact on your cause and help your organisation advance its mission forward.

Offer an Insider’s Look into What Goes on Behind the Scenes

All of the excellent work that is accomplished by your NFP doesn’t happen by magic. It occurs because of the hard work, dedication and consistent efforts of several individuals.

Posts that highlight the activities and accomplishments of some of the key people that are involved with your NFP, such as volunteers, donors, board members, staff and other advocates can give your supporters different perspectives about your organisation. It can also demonstrate how it accomplishes its goals, generating a greater desire in others to want to support your efforts and join in to make their own contribution to your cause!

Finally, it’s always a good idea to look back on the performance of your past posts. What topics have generated the most interest in others? If you haven’t recently done so, you could provide an update to a formerly popular post and highlight the improvement that has occurred since it was created.