Many of us mistakenly assume that an organisation’s brand is just its logo. Your nonprofit’s brand, however, is much more than its logo and tagline. It’s the impression that your organisation makes on others, and how others feel when they see your logo or hear your name.

The following is a list of 5 key benefits of creating a strong brand image for your nonprofit.


When you create a strong brand for your organisation, it allows your nonprofit to closely identify with your cause. It makes it easier for your nonprofit to create an emotional connection with others when they learn about your cause. Your brand allows your cause to become a tangible entity to others so that folks know to come to you when they want to help out.


Branding allows you to create consistent messaging across your internal and external communications that are in alignment with your organisation’s key values and goals. This makes it simpler to control your messaging and your image across channels to ensure that it makes the right impression.


There are thousands of nonprofits all over the world, each with its own mission and goals. Branding helps you to stand out from other NFPs, so that others clearly understand why your organisation is different from similar ones. It increases awareness about your mission and the impact that is made by your nonprofit.


When you create a strong, positive identity for your brand, others know instantly who you are and what you are about as an organisation. This lends greater credibility for your NFP and creates greater trust in your messaging and requests for support.

Expand Network of Support

When we think of increasing support for our nonprofit, we typically think of fundraising. When you build a strong brand for your nonprofit, you are not just seeking to increase donations. Creating a strong brand identity increases contributions, but it also increases others willingness to volunteer with you and advocate for your cause.

When your organisation has positive brand recognition, that clearly communicates your NFP’s impact in its community, third parties are more willing to collaborate and partner with your organisation. This, in turn, allows your organisation to conserve resources while expanding its impact and good work that it is able to accomplish to advance its mission.

Is Your Brand Working for Your Nonprofit?

If your NFP isn’t receiving the support that it needs to survive and thrive, it may be a good idea to take a look at your branding and what it is saying about your organisation.

What is the impression that others have when they see your logo or hear your name? Is it a positive one, or do some have mixed feelings?

Would clarifying your messaging help you to refresh and strengthen your brand’s image?