pexels-photo-806835Many nonprofits operate on shoestring budgets, but even more affluent ones can be hesitant to change their business practices. Most stubbornly hang on to old-fashioned ways to doing things and refuse to take steps to strengthen their processes and procedures. This is especially true when it comes time to upgrade your NFP’s hardware and software, even though it’s been shown that upgrading your software is a proven way to increase accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness.

If you’re still struggling with a recordkeeping system that’s holding you and your nonprofit back, while increasing your risk of loss, the following three strategies can help you better make your case to your board that now is the time to invest in new software!

Show Your Board How the Existing Software is Holding them Back

One reason why boards are reluctant to invest in software is that they falsely believe that the existing software is “good enough.” After all, it’s been working fine so far, why go to the time, trouble and expense of changing it?

To get their approval, your board members need to really grasp just how inconvenient, and risky, it is to continue using your existing software. Walk them through the process of completing simple tasks, such as recording dues and tracking expenses.

Go through the steps of producing the budget with your current software so that they see just what a time-intensive, laborious process it is to use it to complete tasks. Point out the security flaws and risks of your current software and explain how some new software packages reduce or eliminate it.

Demonstrate to the Board What They Will Gain with the Upgrade

Another reason why board members may be hesitant to approve your update request is that they don’t see how the NFP benefits from the expense. Admin Bandit’s software comes with a free 55-day trial, giving you plenty of time to get acquainted with the ins and outs of the various levels of software membership. Once you’ve tried it and are familiar with its best features, show your members what upgrading will mean for them.

Put together a presentation that demonstrates just how quick and easy it is to accomplish all your bookkeeping tasks. Illustrate how features such as cloud storage and remote access reduce the risk of loss due to hacking, malicious code and other cybersecurity threats.  Show them how seamless reporting and the ability to complete other tasks, such as tracking donations, and membership dues, can help improve the results of other areas of your operations, such as fundraising!

Show them how the new software will enable you to create customised reports with one click or tap, that will allow them to keep a better, more watchful eye, on the organisation’s finances. Let them know how increased accuracy and instant reporting simplifies your processes and saves you time. Finally, stress the point that updating to new software will help them make better, more informed decisions since they will now always have the most updated, current financial information!

Don’t Forget About the Power of Persuasion!

Despite your best efforts, you may have a few holdouts that refuse to budge. Since your board members have been working closely with one another, put their instinct to cooperate and work together with one another to the best use!

Before you present your appeal for new software to the entire board, approach one or two members first, and, convince them. Once you have the approval of one or two members, you can then ask them to lobby the other board members on your behalf. While a board member might feel comfortable telling you no, they may be more likely to say “yes” to a request made by a fellow board member. This can be just the additional weight to your proposal that you need to tip the scales in your favour and get your request for new bookkeeping software approved!