pexels-photo-306534While it’s important to put your NFP’s resources to good use, operating from a scarcity mindset sometimes does more harm than good. This is especially true if you allow it to prevent you from taking the steps that make it possible for your nonprofit to grow.

Many NFPs face incredible pressure to justify every single expense, and to channel as much of their funding as possible into projects and services. Often, spending on equally important areas winds up getting shortchanged. The old adage that you “get what you pay for” truly applies in this area, especially as it relates to your marketing strategy.

If you want to be able to raise awareness about the issues affecting your community and achieve big things, you must stop limiting yourself and your nonprofit. Include reasonable costs for “raising awareness” in your marketing budget. Stop being afraid of your marketing spend and fund it at a level that will support your nonprofit’s growth!

Increase the amount of time, and funding that you spend on the following areas of your marketing budget to improve your messaging and results.

Invest in Data and Include it in Your Marketing Strategy

Big data offers access to information that can improve fundraising results, but only if NFPs will invest in the technology that will help them to use it to their advantage! If you really want to move the proverbial needle for your organisation, now is the time to invest in data management to help you learn more about your supporters, their interests, and their preferences.

The more that you can learn about your potential donors, the easier it is to create messages that resonate and strengthens bonds with your organisation. When your supporters feel connected to your cause, they are more likely to give.

Invest in the tech, such as software and apps, that will help you collect and analyse data points from your donors and other supporters automatically. Use the information that you glean to improve donor segmentation and targeting efforts.

Optimise Your Messaging on Social Media

An older marketing concept that still applies in today’s digital world is an idea known as “effective frequency.” It simply means that we have to hear or see a message multiple times before we will act. This is one of the reasons why all our messages should be consistent with our brand, and, we take care to lead our supporters to the action that we wish them to take.

Use a multimedia approach to encourage your supporters to take a specific action. For example, rather than sending multiple emails saying the same thing, try sending only one or two. Space them out, but also repeat the message on your various social media channels. Have each post link back to a landing page that encourages the specific action that you want your donor to take.

Make it easy for your supporters to act with one click, whether that action is donating, volunteering, advocating or sharing your nonprofit’s story with others. To reach new individuals who may have never heard of your cause, repeat the message via sponsored ads and posts. Set a reasonable limit on your caps for PPC and PFC campaigns so that you spend enough to get your message in front of key audience members, but not so much that the ads aren’t worthwhile.

Don’t Forget About the Key Influencers Already Covering You

One area that’s often overlooked by NFPs when creating their marketing budget is the impact that is made by key influencers. If you already have members of the news media, bloggers, or celebrities supporting your cause, make sure that you leverage their support in your marketing efforts.

Ask your key influencers to promote your mission, events and fundraisers to their friends and family and to share your NFP stories on their social media. Offer special VIP access and an insider’s look at the work that your NFP does to members of the media and other key influencers to encourage them to pick up coverage. Having someone that others trust and admire publicly endorse your cause is a cost-effective way to get the word out and multiply the impact created by your other marketing efforts!