pexels-photo-1059118When companies give to nonprofits, it doesn’t just benefit the community. Both customers and employees are more engaged with businesses that practice philanthropy as part of their mission. That’s one of the reasons why companies that strategically give typically find it easier to gain customers and attract top talent, while seeing an increase in both their revenues and their stock prices. All these benefits provide a powerful motivation for corporations to give to charities and other NFPs.

The different types of corporate giving

There are several ways that businesses can support philanthropic efforts and nonprofits should customise their giving programs to meet the needs and preferences of individual corporate donors. Become familiar with the most common types of corporate giving and come up with proposals for each type. It really isn’t enough to say, “Well, everyone else is doing this.”

Give boards, CEOs and other partners a peek at how specific types of giving will help them improve their performance and their bottom line. Show them just how easy it would be for them to institute their own giving program.

Don’t forget to make a case for your cause, and the work that your nonprofit is doing to create a positive impact in your community. Inspire them with your giving proposal and help them envision just how many more lives can be improved when they partner with you.

The following is a list of three of the most common types of corporate giving programs. As you read over each classification, think of your potential corporate donors, and how your NFP could help them tailor a giving program that will improve engagement in both your organisations!

Community Grants

Many companies offer grants that are designed to benefit their local community. It is up to individual nonprofits, however, to apply for these grants directly with the company. Most businesses look at an NFP’s overall capacity to serve, its mission, along with their needs before awarding grants. When applying, make sure that you fill out any forms completely, and submit the application and supplementary information well before the deadline to improve your chances for qualifying.

Products and Services Donations

Many corporations around the world partner with nonprofits to bring their products and services to the people that need them most. Most of the time, these products and services are offered to recipients either for free, or at a tiny fraction of the cost. For example, Microsoft donates nearly a billion USD worth of their software, annually, to nonprofits in over 125 countries around the globe! Companies don’t have to operate on the scale of such a large business to partner with your NFP. When the work that your NFP does aligns with their mission statement and purpose, you will likely find several corporate donors of all sizes and in many industries that will be willing to partner with a nonprofit just like yours!

Matching Gifts

Many companies match the contributions made by their employees in a 1:1 ratio. Others will give more, either as part of an annual giving campaign, or, during special fundraisers and NFP events.  Sometimes, employees will need to show a receipt for the donation that they have made to charity before their company will make a matching contribution. Other NFPs work with companies to offer automatic payroll deductions to make it easier for workers and their employers to donate to the nonprofit over time.