Donations acceptedEnsuring that the donation process at your NFP is efficient and effective not only enables donors to give but to give more regularly. From your perspective, it is worth making the process as simple as possible to encourage the donors to dig deep.

So what can you do to simplify the process?

Have a professional looking website

A professional looking website is the best way to draw visitors – anything less and they will run for the hills. Spending money to make money, especially in the case of your website, is very true when it comes to nonprofits. You want a tasteful site with an easy to locate and easy to navigate donation page. You want images to compel them to give and spur them to action.

Simplify the donation process

You don’t want your donors to have to jump through hoops to give. Keep it as simple as possible and opt for pre-set donation amounts to minimise the steps. Arduous forms will turn people off. However, if the process involves ticking a couple of boxes and adding their personal details, then it will increase your chances of receiving a donation.

Consider reoccurring donations

Reoccurring donations allow donors to give more than once. Think about it this way. Having someone give $5 a month is better than receiving a one-off donation of $25. Make sure the ability to give more than once is featured clearly so they cannot miss it. Don’t over-complicate the process here, as again, this may be your preferred method of payment.

Maintain clear language

Clear language is important on the donation pages. Use definitive words such as “donate here” so there is no room for confusion. Maintain clarity at all times and ask volunteers to test the page and offer their suggestions before you go live. They may even have some ideas on how to make the donation occur naturally as part of their visit.

Disclose the use of the donation

Asking people to give without them knowing exactly how their contribution will assist the nonprofit can be frustrating for visitors. Share how the money will be spent in simplified terms so the donors have a better understanding of your organisation and where their money is going.

Test the website on a regular basis

Glitches can occur so make sure you check it regularly. It would be such a shame if you didn’t notice that your website was down and people were trying to donate to your nonprofit. Have someone in the office test it on a semi-regular basis to ensure that the process works from start to end.

If you rely on donations to fund your nonprofit, then it pays not to underestimate the value of your site, especially the donate pages. If you are unsure what to add, browse other charity websites to spark your imagination. A simple little button, image or phrase can make the world of difference.