pexels-photo-853168Are you struggling to find enough qualified candidates to fill your NFP’s open volunteer positions? If you are having difficulty recruiting all the staff that you need, it might be because you’ve been looking in the wrong places! If you need some good ideas about where to look, check out the following list of the top locations to find experienced people that will make great additions to your volunteer team!

Online Volunteer Matching Sites

Online portals, such as the one hosted by Volunteering Australia, Go Volunteer, allow nonprofits to list opportunities for the public to volunteer with their organisation. It also allows those interested in volunteering to create profiles and apply to positions. These sites are popular because it’s a quick and easy way to connect organisations with those that share their values and that want to help and give back to their communities. Some additional sites where you might wish to list your NFP’s volunteering opportunities include Seek Volunteer, Victoria’s Volunteering Portal, and Volunteer Match through Pro-Bono Australia, which is especially helpful for NFP’s searching for supporters with specific skills and certifications.

Volunteer Centres

Check with your local chamber of commerce, boards of trade, and local, regional and Federal government offices, as many of them have volunteer centres attached to them. These centres are typically staffed with individuals that are very willing to work on your behalf and help you find qualified volunteers for your organisation.

Career Counselling, Job Search and Employment Agencies

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and learn new skills. It’s also a great way for people to try out a new field. Whether your nonprofit offers a stipend or other compensation to its volunteers, contacting a local employment office or career counsellor and listing your volunteer opportunities with them can be a great way to find suitable candidates for your volunteer positions.

Your NFP’s Website

Most nonprofits recognise how important donations are to be able to achieve their mission, and, their website reflects this. Many sites include a donate button above the fold line, typically in the header. Truthfully, volunteering and advocacy can be just as important to your organisation, so why not create your own volunteer hub on your NFP’s website? Call attention to it by creating a button and displaying it prominently on your website. When visitors click the button, they can be taken to a list of your current volunteer opportunities. You could go a step further and allow individuals to create a volunteer profile directly on your site, where they can list their skills, background and experience and either search for opportunities, or be matched with them, directly on your website!

Facebook, LinkedIn and Other Social Media

Just as you create stories to generate interest in your work, and solicit donations, social media channels are a great way to put the word out that you need volunteers. Create a post about the work that your nonprofit is doing in your community and conclude it with an appeal for others to get involved. Share it on your Facebook to let others know your organisation needs additional help. You could accomplish something similar by alerting your supporters with a tweet on Twitter or posting a candid photo of your nonprofit’s impact on Instagram with a shout-out for others to join in the fun and sign up to volunteer. List your opportunities with the trade associations and professional groups that you belong to on LinkedIn. Your organisation probably has numerous supporters that would volunteer more of their time to your work, if they simply knew of your need; so harness the power of social media to get the message out!

Local Media Feature Stories

Create a compelling news story about your nonprofit that illustrates what’s at stake for your community and how others can make a difference through volunteering, and ask the public for their help. Circulate the story to your local media outlets to generate greater interest in your cause and to encourage others to give their time to your efforts.

Host an In-Person Recruiting Event

Invite the public to attend an open house at your NFP’s offices and allow them to spend the day getting to know your volunteers and learning about the work that they do as part of a recruitment drive. Check with local clubs and associations and ask if you can conduct an information session with their members. You could also join with them to host a volunteer drive or other community recruiting event, such as a career fair.


Numerous businesses are looking for organisations that they can partner with to solve social issues. Check with business leaders in your community and ask them to consider joining with you for special volunteer projects. This can be an easy way to gather a group of volunteers quickly, and, will likely encourage some of them to continue supporting your organisation in other ways. Look for ways to show them how their work is meaningful and makes a difference in the lives of others to encourage continued participation in future events.

Local Colleges and Universities

Many schools are searching for ways to give their students practical, “real-life” experiences as part of their curriculum. Reach out to your local educators and partner with them to find skilled volunteers that can help your organisation in exchange for on-the-job training and possible credits towards their coursework and other requirements.

Don’t Forget to Ask Your Existing Supporters!

Let your current staff, board members, volunteers, donors and other supporters know about your need for volunteers and ask them to get involved in the recruiting effort by asking their friends and family to consider volunteering with your organisation. Encourage them to share their personal stories and experiences with your nonprofit to raise interest and awareness about your work and need for volunteers and other support. In addition to asking them in person, make your organisation’s need for volunteers a central focus of your NFP’s next newsletter to bolster your recruitment efforts and to shine a spotlight on the importance of everyone in your organisation pitching in to get the word out.