green-chameleon-21532December 31st is fast approaching, which means that you have several tasks you must complete before the holiday season ends. It’s so busy during this time of year that it’s very simple to forget items and bring unfinished business with you on January 1st. That’s why we’ve created this handy checklist – to help you remember all the important tasks!

Did You Thank Your Donors?

Many nonprofits receive the bulk of their donations for the year during the holidays. With so many contributions coming in, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But, don’t let the busyness of the season make you forget to send proper acknowledgements and thank yous to your donors.

If you haven’t done so already, don’t put off sending out a thank you letter, card or email to your supporters for all of their contributions. Everyone deserves a personalised expression of gratitude. Whether they have given gifts of time, money, or some other resource, everyone wants to feel appreciated for their hard work and support.

A timely expression of thanks makes your donors and other supporters more likely to continue donating, volunteering and advocating for your cause.

Have You Completed Any Remaining, or Miscellaneous Bookkeeping Tasks?

Before year’s end, take the time to complete common bookkeeping tasks such as reconciling bank statements, and producing any required reports. Doing so helps you catch errors and ensures that everything is accurate and accounted for before you wrap up the year.

Evaluate Your NFP’s Performance

While the holidays are certainly hectic, now is the perfect time to review your NFP’s fundraising results. What did, and did not, work well during your Christmas giving campaign? Are there techniques that you should discontinue using in the new year, or, ways that you can use technology to make it easier for donors to give?

How did other areas of your NFP’s operations go? How well are your services and projects working to advance your mission forward?

How are your NFP’s finances, are you operating at a sustainable level? Are there changes that your organisation needs to make to improve your performance?

Reviewing your results and making plans to improve them, before the new year starts, sets the tone and ensures that you have the time that you need to make additional corrections to have your most successful, and rewarding year yet in 2018!

Has Your NFP Held an Annual Meeting?

Has your board officially met the required number of times for the year? If not, you should take measures to hold at least one official meeting before the end of year. If your by-laws require more frequent meetings, this is the perfect time to discuss amending the by-laws.

At this meeting, your board should move to clear up any remaining unfinished business that has been brought before the board at prior meetings. Make sure that you take official minutes of this meeting, and that all prior minutes have been properly recorded and approved.

This is also a good time to review appointments to various committees and to discuss what will be on the agenda at the next meeting. Review your NFP’s performance for the year.

Invite board members to consider topics and proposals for discussion when it reconvenes in the new year, such as the creation of the budget and strategic fundraising plans.