volunteer treasurers happyTestimonials from our wonderful Admin Bandit customers.

“I’m really enjoying it, it’s so easy and simple to use and with the click of a button I can have the reports in front of me. And the reconciliation is great. AB is much better.”
Tony, University Christian group, April 2013

“I know excel is time consuming and admin bandit is a breeze.”
Nyree, Dance Academy, Mar 2013
“Just to inform you that I have stepped down as Treasurer of Ulysses Geelong. Thank you so much for you support over the years.  Admin Bandit has certainly been a boon for me enabling me to make a smooth transition to the next Treasurer.”
Debbie, Motorcycle Club, Mar 2013
“Admin Bandit is a god-send! A simple and effective tool for keeping track of everything – I love it. Becoming Treasurer was a far less daunting task knowing that our committee used Admin Bandit. Nerida is fantastic with her support and advice. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to any volunteer treasurers – it will make your life so much easier. Even our auditor loves it!”
Sally-Anne, Gordon P&C, Nov 2012
“I feel you have pretty much summed up what you wish to portray about and promote about admin bandit.. But I think you also need to mention how forgiving it is. Most treasurers are not book keepers or accountants, this product allows even the treasurer with no experience in the ways of record keeping or reports to have a go and do it confidently without fear of wrecking the whole system. This product instills confidence and helps retain volunteers as it is so simple.. I have volunteered for treasurer again as it is far less work than the secretary for instance who has to draft letters, take minutes, type minutes etc. They all think I’m mad but this is now the easiest job on our committee. I just wish you had a version suitable for a small business operation.”
Leigh, Community Gym, July 2012
“Starting out as a barrister presents many challenges, not least becauseit means setting yourself up as a small business. For someone without a background in financial management the prospect of maintaining accounts,recording and reporting income, expenditure and GST was daunting to say the least. Adminbandit provided a simple cost effective solution meeting all of my recording and reporting needs. Nerida assisted to adapt the program to my specific requirements and her free on-line seminars helped me to get the most out of the program. Adminbandit takes away the headache of financial management and enables me to focus on what really matters to me, representing my clients and meeting their legal needs.”
Anthony, Barrister, May 2012
“I just received what you have sent through. As usual thanks for your excellent prompt response.”
Tony, ACT Calisthenics, May 2012
“We have had a good play this evening, and also taken advantage of the demo, and the application really makes sense. I would hate to think how people did this role before Admin Bandit existed.”
Ed, Gordon Preschool, Mar 2012
“I love this software so much. Congratulations on such a top quality package. Thanks again for your magnificent support.”
Tia, North Pilbara Football League, Mar 2012
“Thanks again for your help, this software has been tremendously useful to me in managing our accounts over the last 4 years and although I won’t be sorry to hand the job over at this point, I won’t be frightened off from voluntary treasurers’ positions in the future with this experience under my belt. Thanks again for your superb customer service!.”
Heather, Evatt Primary School P&C, Jan 2012
“I found Admin Bandit simple and easy to use and understand, after looking at many programmes, I found the programme that I had mentally designed, it is simple, easy and logical. Many thanks for being able to read my mind, and being able to produce such a simple programme.”
Phillip, Stamford Park Men's Shed Inc, Jan 2012
“The biggest frustration that Adminbandit solves for me is being able to look at the Gym books anywhere; it gives me information for our Audit in a compliant format. It is stored online so I don’t have to have dozens of folders lying around the house only a USB stick. It is easy to use amend and understand. No mess no fuss and saves on auditing fees. it reduced ours by $250.00 annually. It is also a solution which has real people on the end of the phone which is unusual for today.We love it .”
Leigh, Charleville Community Gym, Nov 2011
“Admin Bandit means I only have to update one system and know that it is secure and managed off-site and it centralises other information such as members and contacts details if required. Now that I am up and going it is simple to use.”
Vince, Tuggeranong Rowing Club, Nov 2011
“It keeps everything organised and tidy. Without admin bandit, I don’t think I would be able to do all the things required as a volunteer treasurer, i would get lost trying to figure it all out. Also, the help I can get with anything i don’t quite understand is fantastic!”
Bel, Monash Preschool, Nov 2011
“Admin Bandit is simple and effective tool for a non profit organisation, like preschools. Cost effective too.”
Jessica, Gowrie Preschool, Nov 2011
“Very user friendly software, tailored perfectly for the requirements of an Association Treasurer.”
Liam, Mawson Preschool, Nov 2011
“Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I wasn’t expecting anything after hours. I also wasn’t expecting anything today when the first reply came!”
Evan, Hospitality House, Oct 2011
“I want to let you know that I appreciate your product greatly, and am going to recommend it to every unit that I work with that needs a program for their treasurer.”
Roxanne, Boy Scouts of America, Sept 2011
“As a newly recruited P&F Treasurer, I was handed a few folders, a chequebook and deposit book, and some scribbled instructions. On top of that we were 3 weeks for the school fete that runs each 2 years. Happily I found out about Admin Bandit, signed up and with no real issues, worked out how to use it. Admin Bandit allowed me to get the finances organised quickly and efficiently. It’s easy to use and good value – can’t ask for more than that.”
Andrew, Parents and Friends, July 2011
“Thanks so much for all your support and great product. Please if you have anyone new tonight thinking of buying please tell them they can phone me anytime for a testimony.”
Kel, Dance Academy, July 2011
“I really believe you have developed something fantastically useful here. Your service has been far beyond expectations. The reports have been well accepted by our auditor and our committee (each sub-committee has been very supportive) making it easy to continue.”
Cath, P&C, July 2011
“Love the support you give. I updated the transactions, ran the reports and everything reconciled.  You really have made my role as a Treasurer so much easier.”
Angie, P&C, May 2011
“I have found Admin Bandit a safe and easy to use program. A great choice for P & Cs!”
Terri-Anne, P&C, May 2011
“It makes an inexperienced treasurer into an experienced one. Not to mention the extra help nerida gives on the phone if you get really stuck.”
Tonia, Preschool, Apr 2011
“Just like to say Omg cannot believe how good this soft wear is, making me feel so confident in this volunteer role, just have to say thank you.”
Susan, Football Club, Apr 2011
“Thanks for all your help; I will purchase this after our meeting next week regardless of committee approval; I will donate it I love it.”
Leigh, Community Gym, Feb 2011
“Really enjoying reading the hints as they come through – even printing them out for the incoming treasurer.”
Michelle, Preschool, Jan 2011
“I’m really enjoying using Admin Bandit.  I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone I think may have a use for it!”
Joanna, Preschool, Jul2010
“Great work and good luck with your terrific product.”
Kylie, Heritage Group, June 2010
“Thank you for your excellent service, this is a very good product”.
Simary ACT Support Group May 2010
“As the new treasurer, the two great pleasures in taking over are (1) the great shape that Murray left things in and (2) how wonderful Admin Bandit is to use.”
Anne-Marie, P&C, Apr 2010

Happy volunteer treasurers

“Your software is amazing and has made my life so much easier since we subscribed – so thank you so much!”
Jan, Preschool Mar 2010

“I think the system is really good and clearly the support is excellent – personal and timely. Exactly what is needed for everyday people.”
Rebecca, P&C, Mar 2010
“I would rate Admin Bandit  at 10/10 for the following reasons:-
  • as a club that has experienced lost of financial information  through computer virus and storm damage, we became very aware of the need to find a stable environment for our financial records and information which can be transferred easily to new treasurers . Admin bandit offers the club this environment and more , our record keeping is now more extensive and easier to maintain.
  • Reports can be issued at a click of a button and support is just an email away with Admin Bandit’s costumer support; which the club has utlised and found it to be excellent , adding another reason why the club will continue using Admin bandit in years to come.”
Karen, Roller Sports, Club Feb 2010
“I would give it 10 out of 10 on all fronts.  It kept me sane in my very demanding role last year. If I had problems it was my own failings rather than the program.”
Jacob, Preschool, Feb 2010
“I was really happy using Admin Bandit but note that I’ve never used any other packages that would compare.  What I liked about it was it was easy to use, the continual improvements such as the auto fill out of names etc that started during the year – made the job so much faster.”
Kathleen, Scouts, Feb 2010

Admin Bandit volunteer treasurer software

“I’ve recommended Admin Bandit to several other Treasurers and would rate this 10/10″
Deborah, Choir, Feb 2010

“I found Admin Bandit to be easy to use and your customer service has been outstanding when things have gone wrong. I have been very impressed by the number of new functions you have added to the system over the year and to improving functions as a result of speaking to clients or coming across client issues.”
Debbie, Playschool, Feb 2010
“I am extremely happy with Admin Bandit. For someone with no previous experience in working with accounts, I have found that it makes my job as voluntary treasurer for the last 2 years extremely simple. I have had minimal time to spare on the job and have managed to get by.”
Heather, P&C, Feb 2010
“I honestly cannot fault your product. As someone who had no experience with this sort of stuff before, I felt it made my job so much easier, and more importantly it allowed me to work out a lot of what I needed to do.”
Andrew, Preschool, Feb 2010
“I find the program easy to use with my small amount of computer skills.”
Tracey, P&C, Feb 2010
“As you can guess, I rate admin bandit at 10 and I regularly recommend it to other organisations. Particularly impressed by the customer service at all hours of the day and night (being being the only times that many Treasurers can use it!” –
Hugh, Dragon Boat Club, Feb 2010
“I would definitely rate Admin bandit 10/10.  I have been very impressed by the immediate response for help.  Also the continual updating of the programme.  It has made life a lot easier! (especially the BAS)”
Deborah, Community Centre, Feb 2010

Happy volunteer treasurer

“I am more than happy with Admin Bandit and would rate it 10 and would recommend to other associations to use it.”
Jaime, Touch Footy, Feb 2010

“The system is really great to use. I’m really enjoying the treasurer’s job, which I would never have volunteered for if the previous treasurer hadn’t told me how easy the system was to use.”
Preschool treasurer
“The TUB (abbreviation for first version – Treasurer’s Useful Box) really means that a Treasurer’s job is very straightforward.”
Preschool Treasurer
“I have found TUB very easy to use – goodness knows how I’d have managed the Treasury job without its help!”
Tracy, Preschool
“In comparison to working with MYOB, I find the ease of this program refreshing and self-explanatory”
Karen, Macarthur Preschool
“You will be pleased to know I love it. I can use Cashflow but it has too many other good qualities”
“I should also say how good the TUB package is, it has really made the Treasurer’s job a breeze! I thought when I started that there would be a lot of work but TUB simplifies and distils the necessary information – it is really user-friendly and has made producing reports a seamless exercise.”
TC, Lyneham Preschool
“Thank you for providing things like the software and the information night, great job guys! Having come from somewhere where there is little to no support it’s a great relief to know you guys are there to help”.
KL, Gordon Preschool
“I wouldn’t have taken on the role without it. TUB does everything I need and nothing I don’t – it was up and running in less than 10 minutes and it’s really intuitive and easy to use.”
VM, Weetangera Preschool

“The software overall is GREAT and makes the job very easy compared to what it might be!”
AD, Fraser Preschool

Admin Bandit volunteer treasurer software
“It was amazingly easy””
Kerry, Chisholm Treasurer

“Great little package – very easy to use, I like it.”
Carol, Torrens Preschool
“All is going well – and the first BAS statement was a breeze…Much appreciation & many thanks”
Gemma, Preschool
“I am so glad to find that someone is addressing this important aspect of community life!!”