pexels-photo-699122If we’re truthful, most of us would have to admit that we spend so much time on our phones in a given day that our behaviour borders on an addiction. In order to reach our supporters, you must meet them where they are likely to be found. That means that you need to learn how to use mobile to your nonprofits’ best advantage. The following mobile marketing strategies will help you increase the reach of your messaging and boost support for your work!

Use Mobile Best Practices for Your Site

This means making sure that your website contains content that looks great on mobile platforms, loads quickly and is easy to navigate. When creating your content, use shorter sentences and paragraphs so that there is plenty of blank space to make reading easier. Using simple fonts that are designed for mobile usage will increase readability as well.

Ensure that you are using a template that’s been optimised for mobile users as well. Alternate the types of content that you post and include visual elements to make your site more interesting, such as high-resolution images, infographics and videos.  While often overlooked, podcasts are another type of content that can increase interest in your work, make it easier to establish your authority in your sector and that appeals to mobile users.

Get Local and Encourage Check-Ins

An easy way to increase your search ranking is to use Google My Business. This tool allows you to publish your information online such as your location and what your organisation is about, and then directs nearby searchers to you.  When supporters visit your location, encourage them to use Foursquare and similar services to check-in. This will improve your nonprofit’s brand recognition.

Encourage Engagement

When posting content on your site, don’t forget to encourage your supporters to interact with it. Include a comments section for each post and urge your followers to share their thoughts and ideas on the content. Include easy to see and use buttons that make it a simple process for supporters to share your content on their own social media profiles.

Increase Ease of Access with Your Own App

Creating an app for your site simplifies the process that your members go through during login, so make sure that your app has also been optimised for mobile use so that your site remains easy to use and navigate when they are logged in and accessing their custom content.

Use Analytics to Improve Your Results

Just because your website has been optimised for mobile use doesn’t mean that you can skip recording, tracking and analysing your data. Use tools that have been specially designed to collect and interpret data of your mobile users. As you gain more data points over time, use this information to learn more about your users’ viewing habits, and, the types of actions they are taking and the type of content that they prefer to consume on your site. Use this information to make improvements so that you are meeting the needs of your supporters.