smartphone-friends-internet-connectionJust as a good accounting software can save you time and improve your accuracy and efficiency, using apps and software to automate many of your marketing activities makes it a lot easier to increase the reach of your message and track and measure the results of your marketing campaigns. Consider the following benefits of marketing automation, and how you might use it to strengthen ties with your community and build your base of support for your nonprofit.

Welcome Supporters to Your Nonprofit

By automating your emails, new members are welcomed to your NFP as soon as they sign up, giving you a chance to show your gratitude for their support, and, reinforce the difference that you will be able to make in the community with their help! This is also an opportunity to let them in on the benefits of membership and clarify how to access resources and use your website to their best advantage!

Keep Donors in the Loop on Your Latest Projects

Key donors are more likely to continue to give to your cause when they feel as though they are an integral part of your work. Automation allows you to keep everyone updated on your current activities and events. This keeps donors and others interested and excited about the progress that you are making, together, and increases their engagement with your organisation!

Segment Mailing Lists for More Customised Messages and Better Engagement

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of automation is that it allows you to create segmented lists so that you can send personalised emails, such as thank you letters, and Happy Birthday wishes, that are fully customised to help you build your relationships with your supporters. Segmentation allows you to reach out and connect with donors, volunteers and other key stakeholders via the method they best prefer. It also allows you to customise the frequency that you send out communications to specific individuals and groups so that they don’t feel either neglected or overwhelmed. By having better control over the frequency and content of your communications, you strengthen your supporters’ connection to you and improve their satisfaction with your nonprofit.

Use CRM to Increase Fundraising Results

There is a lot of valuable information that you can capture and use to learn more about your supporters and what they want from your organisation. Automation allows you to track each time that a supporter views your website, opens an email, or reads and shares your content on your social media channels.

The more that you can learn about their demographics, and, content consumption, the more that you can tailor your messaging to appeal to their tastes and preferences and meet their needs. This results in better brand reputation, greater engagement by your volunteers, donors and advocates, and gives a boost to event participation and other fundraising campaigns.

What about your organisation? Are you already using software and apps to automate your marketing efforts, or, are you still trying to do everything manually? Please feel free to share your favourite marketing software and apps with other readers in the comments section below.