pexels-photo-1520113With just a few more days remaining in the year, you might think its too late to make any changes in your approach to improve your NFP performance, but, this false belief simply isn’t true! Take the following steps to boost the performance of this year’s final fundraising campaign!

Create a Calendar for Your Year-End Communications

Most nonprofits are communicating via multiple devices and multiple channels, so it’s easy to get mixed up on the timing of your posts and other messaging. Use a calendar and list every single post PR communication that you plan to send over the remaining days of the year. Trello and Asana offer collaborative tools that teams can use to keep one another posted on deadlines and updates, or, you can even go a simpler route and use Word to create a table or make an Excel-compatible spreadsheet to track important deadlines and dates you plan to send out specific types of communications.

Focus on Delivering a Consistent Message

Regardless of the methods that you use to send out your messages, or what types of tools you use to track your posts, narrow your focus and keep your messages on target with a consistent vision and message for your target audience. Decide on the key message and central theme of your year-end fundraising campaign and make surethat all of the stories that you tell, messages and other communications that you send stay true to and reinforce your central message.

Let Your Donors Take Centre Stage

To make this last campaign a success, it’s critical that you clearly communicate to your donors just how important they are in accomplishing your mission. Make sure that all your messaging helps your donors to clearly visualise just how their donation will impact your mission.

Think SIP

Whether it’s your email campaign, your social media messaging, or whatever channels you utilise to message and fundraise make sure that you SIP: Segment, Integrate and Personalise to increase your results. Segment refers to grouping your donors based on demographics and other key traits so that you can tailor your messaging to make it more interesting and relevant to the preferences of each group. Integrate refers to having a strategy to integrate all your fundraising messaging so that you are using the same themes and content regardless of the channel that you are using to communicate the message, or, the platform or device that your supporters will use to access your content. Personalise means that you customise each message to address each supporter by name, and that you use text and other content in your messaging that will appeal to each donor on a personal level.

Test, Measure and Adapt

Just because there are only a few days remaining in the year doesn’t mean that you can neglect traditional follow-up. Continue to test your messaging, collecting data points and measuring your results so that you can learn more about what types of content and messaging are working well, and, what parts of your message you need to change and adapt to maximise your results!