pexels-photo-265642Your people are one of your nonprofit’s most important assets, but, finding enough skilled individuals to help you advance your mission forward is often very challenging. Use the following strategies to help you locate and recruit talented people for your cause!

Let Apps Do Some of the Work for You

Volunteer Match and similar apps allow you to post your nonprofit’s positions, as well as search through their database of profiles for prospects that would be a good match for your organisation. While potential volunteers of all ages do sign up with these sites, it’s a particularly useful tool for reaching Millennials and younger age groups who spend more of their time online.

Put the Word Out via Your NFP’s Social Media Channels

Don’t let your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts go to waste! In addition to compelling stories, shout out to your existing volunteers, thanking them for their work and effort on behalf of your nonprofit. Take the time to publically invite their friends, family and other connections to consider pitching in and helping your NFP. Post a heart-warming story about something one of your volunteers did that made a big difference in the life of someone else, and, use that as a lead to increase interest in your nonprofit and invite others to contact you to learn more about how they too can join you!

Don’t Forget About Your NFP Website and Newsletters

When updating your advocates, donors and existing volunteers about your progress on both your website, and, your regular newsletters, include a call-to-action that lists the current opportunities to volunteer with your group and invites them to apply, and, share the news with their contacts. List a contact person or request that prospects apply via your website, so that the application process is clear.

Ask Your Local News Outlets for Help

Pitch a story about an upcoming event, or, recent accomplishment involving your nonprofit to a local radio or TV station, or even your local newspaper. Ask them to cover your story, and, include a segment that lets the public know that you are seeking volunteers, and, the steps they should take to apply.

Recruit Your Board to Help

Your board members are some of your nonprofit’s most skilled ambassadors. Ask them to get involved in the recruiting process and to reach out to their connections to find good prospects. This is an especially helpful tactic if you are seeking to partner with businesses and other third parties, they can provide temporary to permanent volunteers, and you supply much needed memorable, meaningful activities that supply valuable work, and team-building experience.

Don’t forget to follow-up with your applicants. As you go through your list, keep in mind that while some prospects might not be a good match for a specific position, they might be just the right person for another. Rather than crossing them off the list entirely, get in touch to see if they are interested in other opportunities than the one they applied for so that you can learn more about them as a person, and, fill your volunteer openings more quickly over time!