What's with the watermark on the reports?

The watermark on the reports is there on the advice of a forensic accountant who does a lot of work with not for profits that have been defrauded. The watermark is there to reduce the inclination to attempt to reproduce the reports to make them look like they come from Admin Bandit. Thereby reducing the opportunity for fraud.

Why don't you have a balance sheet?

The treasurer’s role is to present information in a format that facilitates the committee understanding the finances, so they can make good decisions on behalf of the organisation. In many cases, a balance sheet doesn’t help in that context. Our experience over many years dealing with grass roots community organisations is that the average person on a committee cannot decipher a balance sheet (often the treasurer included). We provide what is going to be useful to the treasurer and the committees of grass roots community organisations.

Admin Bandit is a cashbook which means there is not much to include on a balance sheet. Having said that we are working on breaking new ground and providing a balance sheet template with the few fields completed where possible and fields provided for the treasurer to complete in order to produce a balance sheet.