admin banditAs your organisation’s treasurer, there are several duties and responsibilities that come along with filling your role. Automated accounting software like Admin Bandit can simplify many of your most tedious tasks and help you reclaim much of your valuable time.

Currently, users can try Admin Bandit for 55 days to see just how quick and easy it is to get started using this award-winning accounting software suite that’s been designed expressly with the needs of nonprofit organisations and their volunteer treasurers in mind. At the end of the trial period, it’s easy to upgrade, but you will need to select which version of the software to buy.

The following guide can help you compare the different versions of Admin Bandit, and help you pick the one that’s just right for the needs of your club or other nonprofit.

When Admin Bandit Lite is Best

If you have a small organisation, and don’t need to send invoices or manage members and sponsors, and only have one bank account to track, then the lite version of our software will probably be sufficient for your needs. The annual fee is just $99 a year and allows one user to track some common everyday transactions, such as incoming and outgoing payments, deposits and receipts, and transactions that affect petty cash.

You can also list and search your transactions as well as reconcile your bank statement for a single bank account, customise categories, use the budgeting tool and create several simple reports such as the treasurer’s report, and transaction and category reports.

All versions of the software come with secure hosting, unlimited updates to the software and unlimited support.

When Admin Bandit Online is a Good Choice

The online version of Admin Bandit is probably a better choice for you and your NFP if fundraising responsibilities fall to you. It’s also the perfect system if you need to send recurring invoices, or, if you need the ability to create more complex reports, such as BAS and Yearly financial reports.

Admin Bandit Online comes with all the features of Admin Bandit Lite, plus, it allows one user to track, manage and reconcile an unlimited number of bank accounts. Easily send invoices and send them in batches. Produce and track receipts, as well as email them in one click. Upload your logo for customised forms and accounts.

Manage and have greater control of members, sponsors and your NFP fundraising events. Send member notices and email members with one click or send member notices in batches. Quickly create your BAS report, end-of-year Financial reports, along with reports that reveal details of your fundraising events, your equipment, invoices and members and groups. Users get to enjoy all these additional features for $198 annually.

Get Added Flexibility and Security with Admin Bandit Gold

For an additional $74 a year, you can increase the number of unique logins on your subscription to 6. By having unique IDs and passwords, you can track who has access to your financial data and know exactly when your nonprofit’s information has been accessed and by whom, giving you greater security and peace of mind when you invite collaborators or otherwise share responsibility for specific functions with others in your NFP.

For $272 a year, up to 6 users will also have all access to all of the other features found in Admin Bandit’s other two versions, along with the ability to easily search for members and related data, and the ability to create the combined account treasurers report.

Whether you are a small club that just needs a simple way to track your spending, or, you are a mid to large sized nonprofit and need an easier, faster way to manage most aspects of your nonprofit’s financials, there is a version of Admin Bandit that will fit your NFP’s budget and requirements!