donationsAs a charity, you need to understand how much your nonprofit relies on donations and sponsors. It is important that you mix up the tactics to ensure that the funds are coming in at all times of the year.

You must also make sure that you capture the attention of possible donors through all of your fundraising campaigns. However, with an increase in the number of charities out there, it seems to be getting harder rather than easier. That is why a variety of methods need to be undertaken to widen your scope.

Here are some ways to do that.

1. Don’t forget past donors

It is important that you utilise your email list – donors who have given in the past may well wish to donate in the future. Nurture and build on your relationship with quality email campaigns. Think of every email as a chance to increase the number of donations you get, so word it well.

2. Text message campaigns

As the world becomes more mobile, cleverly constructed texts can also boost your campaigns. When building your database, make sure you make a note of all contact numbers. Then you can send out messages to all on your list and help raise awareness of your current campaign status.

3. Update your blog

Don’t disregard your current methods. Update your blog with your current campaigns and provide examples of ways to donate. Share these posts on your social media pages for a wider reach. Blogging regularly lets your charity be seen – and the more you are seen – the more chances someone will donate to your cause.

4. Crowdfund it

Crowdfunding is becoming a popular alternative way to raise money for NFPs. With fewer grants available, charities need to get more creative than ever. With crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, Pozible and OzCrowd, you can build a profile and start raising money today. Digital incentives can also help your cause. Choose your images wisely, as the better the photograph, the more compelled people will feel to give.

5. Recurring donations

For those donors wishing to give regularly, recurring monthly donations are a great way to help both your donors and your charity. Their credit card can be charged initially and then every month following to make raising funds easier. This can assist with your cash flow projections and makes budgeting simpler in the long term.

6. Facebook campaigns

Everyone and their grandmother seems to be on Facebook these days – so use it to your advantage. Create a campaign to tell your story and help raise funds. It may also work to your benefit to advertise on Facebook using their advertising tools. And don’t forget the hashtags to draw attention across all social media platforms.

7. Press releases

A well,written press release can still garner attention and get picked up by news channels. Also, it is worth subscribing to SourceBottle to find journalists publishing stories in your particular niche. Press releases can lead to television interviews as well as magazine and newspaper articles. Don’t dismiss their effectiveness especially if your story is worth telling.