While some claim that absence makes the heart grow fonder, the truth is actually closer to another well-known saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” This old adage is true, whether its matters of the heart, mind or spirit, most of us will stay more involved when we are kept “in the loop” and can see results for our efforts. Many administrators know that maintaining interest in their non-profit organisation comes down to visibility, but may be unsure of the best way to do so. After all, there is a delicate balance between too little and too much exposure for your organisation. So, how do you get your community interested in your non-profit’s mission and keep them interested?

One of the best ways to successfully stay in the hearts and minds of your community is with regular email communications.  To stay in touch and keep your volunteers, donors and others in your community interested, consider sending out the following four types of email communications on a regular basis.

The Welcome Email

The welcome email is really both common courtesy and common sense. Think about this for a moment, are you more likely to spend more time and money shopping at a business where you are greeted and thanked for coming in to shop, or where you are ignored and treated as though you are just another “number,” a faceless customer? This same philosophy applies to those who are interested in your not for profit organisation, whether this person is a volunteer, a donor, or just someone interested in your cause.  Sending a welcome email when someone joins, donates or otherwise expresses interest in your group is a great way to get their attention, to let them know that you appreciate them, and that the “door” to your organisation is literally “open,” that you welcome them with open arms.


Once you have your community’s attention, the best way to keep them motivated is by keeping them “in the loop.” You can do this by sending out a newsletter on a monthly basis that contains helpful information, such as the latest news that pertains to your organisation and its mission, or important upcoming dates, such as the date and times of meetings and other future events.  The newsletter is a great way to give your members something tangible so that they can easily visualise the results that are produced by your organization. Most of us are more likely to stay involved when we feel as though we can see results, that we are “doing” something.

Fundraising Emails

Most non-profits have on-going needs to support their goals and objectives. Whether those needs are specific items and supplies, or specific monetary amounts, it doesn’t hurt to send a few emails through the year to let members of your non-profit and others in the community know what the needs are, and how they can meet them. The old saying, “ask and you shall receive,” definitely applies here, and if you have sent a welcome email, along with newsletters on a regular basis so that your members feel more connected, your fundraising emails are more likely to be successful.

The Thank You Email

Many of us have probably had the opportunity to send a thank you note in our personal lives. Perhaps you remember writing and sending a thank you note to an older aunt for sending you $20 when you graduated school, or to a friend who sent a gift to your wedding reception? Thank you notes also have their place in the business world and the world of non-profit organizations.  Let your donors, volunteers and others know that you appreciate their donation, their time, their assistance.  The thank you is a simple, graceful, yet powerful way to acknowledge the efforts of others and to let them know that they are appreciated and not taken for granted.

By using these “fabulous four” email types on a regular basis, you can help others in your community feel more connected and remain interested in your not for profit organisation.  Feel free to let us know your results when you try this method for increasing the visibility of your non-profit. We love feedback, and we would love to hear from you!