donationsThere is tremendous pressure on most nonprofits to continually push for greater levels of giving. As the way we work and live continues to adapt to technological advances, the method we use to reach out to our supporters and solicit contributions needs to change as well.

The following seven techniques can help you boost your NFP’s fundraising results this year.

Show Impact at Specific Levels of Giving

Many nonprofits do a good job informing their supporters about their cause and the work that they perform to create real solutions, but, fail to guide them in the call to action. Don’t be afraid to ask for specific amounts.

To increase your success rate with this method, be certain that you show your supporters how every gift, no matter how big or small, is important. Explain the actual impact of specific gifts in easy to understand, very human terms so that your supporters clearly understand just what is at stake, and how they can help.

Small Gifts Have a Big Impact

Many nonprofits focus on landing the big fish. While it’s essential to cultivate individual donors that have the capacity and willingness to make a large donation, it’s equally crucial to ask donors for small gifts.

Regardless of whether your donor makes a large or small contribution, make sure that you show your appreciation, promptly. Personalise your communications, and treat every donor, regardless of the size of the gift, as a VIP to encourage repeat giving.

Ask and Receive

Another pitfall that many nonprofits become victim to is focusing solely on the money when asking for support. Resources such as tools, supplies and other materials also make good donations!

Let your supporters know what items your organisation needs to perform its best work by posting your wish list.

Great channels to post your list include your NFP’s website, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Make it easy for your followers to share your list to help you further increase your list’s reach.

Even if you don’t receive a specific item on your list, you have provided increased insight into how donations may be spent in the future. This bit of information could be that extra encouragement a potential donor needs to act and give to your cause!

Use Twitter to Your Best Advantage

Many nonprofits effectively use Twitter to convey breaking news to their supporters. What some overlook is that it’s an ideal format to encourage increased giving during a fundraising campaign. Keep your followers updated on your fundraising progress during events. If you’re close to reaching a target, or, another supporter has issued matching funds or another challenge, send a tweet to encourage others to join in and pass the torch!

Create a Mobile App

It’s no longer a “secret” that an ever-growing number of us are turning to mobile devices to complete everyday tasks and get more done during our day. We can use our smartphones and other gadgets to control our smart appliances, order groceries, bank online, and, donate to our favourite causes. That’s why you’ve probably already heard, several times, that it’s important to ensure that your website and donation pages load easily on mobile platforms.

The popularity of personalised apps is also rapidly gaining in popularity, so it’s not enough to optimise your site for mobile. If your NFP hasn’t already done so, now is the time to look into getting your own giving app to make it even easier for your supporters to connect with your nonprofit directly, stay current, and, give!