pexels-photo-1037993One reason why it’s so difficult to recruit volunteer treasurers is because the role can be so time-consuming, especially if you are trying to fulfil your responsibilities using outdated software.

How Valuable is Your Time?

The one resource that we don’t have the power to create anew is time. That’s why it’s so valuable – it’s irreplaceable and therefore priceless!

Just think about it for a moment. How many hours of your life have you spent on completing routine bookkeeping tasks? How many extra-long days have you put in, trying to chase down and organise all the documents and data that you need to complete reports and provide your NFP’s committees and board with the information they need to make sound decisions? How many times have you forgone time with your loved ones, and even a good night’s sleep, so that you could meet reporting deadlines?

If you’re like many volunteer treasurers, the answer is simple: too many!

What if I told you that your life doesn’t have to be so hectic and sleep-deprived, that you can serve as a volunteer treasurer and have time for a fulfilling personal life as well? You might not believe it, but, your life doesn’t have to be this way. There is an easier way to manage your NFP’s finances that will also allow you to reclaim your time and regain control of your life!

Want to Save Time? The Answer’s Easier than You Think!

What’s the solution? Upgrade your accounting software to one that’s fully automated and secure!

I know what you’re thinking; how can a software suite be the solution to my problems? But, it really is that simple. That’s because Admin Bandit is the only software suite that’s been designed specifically to meet the needs of volunteer treasurers, regardless of their level of experience!

Need convincing? Consider the following ways that this software will save you time and make your life easier and less stressful.

Manage Memberships from a Single User-Friendly Dashboard

Keeping up with your NFP’s memberships is easily one of the most time-consuming, and frustrating tasks faced by treasurers because of all the small details involved. You need to know who has paid, who hasn’t, and how much is still outstanding for those members making payments. You also need to be able to issue receipts for dues paid, send email reminders to individual members about their outstanding balances and create reports for your leadership to let them know how things are coming along. Things become even more complicated if you are managing multiple teams or groups.

Admin Bandit automates these processes and allows you to produce reports that reveal these and other important facts, as well as sending emails to outstanding members, all with a click or two of your mouse! Just think of how much time you could save, each day, by having all this information at the ready! Best of all, Admin Bandit doesn’t just make it easy to keep up with your members and their status, it simplifies your recording and reporting in your other key areas as well!

Speed Up Bank Reconciliations

This software operates in your browser window and allows you to store your information securely in the cloud. It takes less than 2 minutes to get started. Just enter your bank information and nearly every common recordkeeping task, from reconciling your bank statements to recording your transactions will be done for you automatically. Since it’s in the cloud, not only is your data safe, it’s updated automatically as well, so you are never behind, but have up-to-date financial information around the clock, and right at your fingertips!

Get a Better Grasp on Your Cash Flow!

Being able to send out accurate invoices promptly is the key to getting paid on time. This software fully automates this process, as well as making it an easy method to pay your organisation’s bills and know at a glance when grants and donations are received.

Simplify the Budgeting Process

Creating the annual budget can literally take weeks or months to complete. With Admin Bandit, you can both export and import historical data, and rely on information from prior years, to make more accurate forecasts for your income and expenses rather than using systems which might require you to input the data from previous years by hand, or manually calculate totals and percentages.

Analyse Your Results

How successful was your nonprofit’s last fundraising event, and, which fundraising activities have been the most cost-effective for your organisation? Being able to determine this information has often been a complex process in the past, but become a fast, painless, and fully automated procedure with this software which produces Events Detailed and Summary Reports!

Meet Deadlines and Other Regulatory Requirements

How long did it take you to calculate and lodge your last GST? With this software, tracking GST is automatic, with fundraising kept separate. Since the software is continuously monitoring your NFP’s transactions, it’s never been easier or faster to produce your quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS) Report, Treasurer’s Report, and End of Year Reports. This means that you’re less likely to miss deadlines to calculate and lodge those required statements and reports!

The software’s features also allow you know how your organisation is performing in relation to its budget, at all times, making it a breeze to create interim reports as well. Import your nonprofit’s logo, and customise the terms and categories to meet your needs and create more organised, professional looking documents that will strengthen your brand image and increase your reputation with members, donors and other stakeholders!

Admin Bandit’s best feature may be that it allows users to test it without charge for the first 55 days. Why not upgrade your software today to see for yourself just how easy it can be to serve as volunteer treasurer of your organisation!