grantsIf you haven’t already applied to the IRT Foundation Community Grants Program, you had best quicken your pace as applications close on the 26 March.

The IRT Foundation is currently seeking applications for projects that demonstrate a positive impact on the health and overall quality of life of the ageing population in Australia. More specifically, your project should aim to help older adults transition from their working life into retirement and their later years, ultimately encouraging social participation. Your project could seek to overcome such barriers as financial, social, geographic, circumstancial, cultural or discrimination reasons.

If this sounds like it applies to your NFP, and you have a project which fits this criteria, then you may wish to submit your application. When applying for the IRT Foundation Grant, your application should include the following 3 issues.

1. How the barriers to social participation will be addressed;

2. The areas of need of the target group and what factors contribute to their disadvantage or vulnerability, and;

3. Whether this disadvantage is temporary or long term.

The criteria for your application will need to cover organisational capacity, IRT strategic objectives, innovation, significance, sustainability, and IRT public recognition.

Projects which are primarily research based, training based or focussed on fundraising are not applicable. You can learn more about the Assessment Criteria for the Community Grants Program here.

Grants are a great way to increase the reputation of your nonprofit and spread the word about the quality of the work that you are doing, not to mention, increase your funding.

We wish you the best of luck with your application.