Happy wife, happy life. Happy accountant, happy business? It’s not as silly as it sounds.

You’re fortunate enough to have a volunteer treasurer, and if you live in a perfect world the person is experienced and maybe even qualified. But this isn’t always the case. In fact it can be quite rare, so you need to make the treasurer’s job as easy as possible.

Your treasurer also wants to make the accountant’s job smooth and straight forward as well.  In that perfect world scenario you’ve negotiated a really great fee agreement with your accountant based on the fact your organisation is Not-For-Profit, volunteer run, a charity, provides a valuable community service or all of the above. So it makes sense you want to streamline the systems best you can so as to not risk that relationship. It’s great that your accountant fulfils their corporate responsibility by providing you with cost effective service and you need to keep that connection mutually beneficial.

Your accountant will probably recommend you use an accounting software package to streamline your processes and make reporting and tracking to budget easier for everyone. Being consistent and updating regularly, daily or perhaps weekly depending on the type of organisation and number of transactions will not only make the task less onerous and overwhelming, but will make your records more accurate and current on a day to day or week to week basis.  Ignoring the task and putting it off for weeks or even months on end does no one any favours.

Easy to use accounting software such as the Admin Bandit software system also helps you stay organised and reminds you of the importance of keeping receipts and invoices in an orderly fashion instead of the clichéd shoe box.  The tax office even accepts scanned copies of receipts making the process even easier than ever. Collecting the receipts and invoices in an organised fashion ensures you enter the correct data so the accountant can ensure all of your taxation and reporting commitments are kept and you receive all of the deductions and benefits you deserve.

If your treasurer is new to the role and seeking more clarity we encourage you to share the Treasurer Training videos available on the Admin Bandit website.

Admin Bandit is a simple straightforward software accounting package designed specifically to make the role of volunteer treasurers less time consuming and less onerous. That’s got to make your accountant very happy indeed.