Wild Apricot, Admin BanditWe know we are doing something right when a group like Wild Apricot gives us a good write up. Giving us honours well beyond a passing mention, we were named Number 1 in the Accounting, Invoicing and Billing Tools section of their recent list of affordable online tools for non-profits. It is an exceptional list that many of our clients will find useful. Have a look at the complete inventory here. We are proud to have made their list, as we work hard to keep our product top of the line and continually updated to be as useful and efficient as possible.

What Sets Us Apart

Some of the features that set Admin Bandit apart are how easy it is to get started and how straightforward our software is to use. As Wild Apricot mention, we have specialised in making a system that even new volunteer treasurers, with no previous accounting experience, will find useful. By providing a consistent way to track, record and report financial information for non-profits, we free up busy volunteers from the most stressful and mundane parts of their service, while making sure the organisation has complete and accurate financial data available, virtually at the drop of a hat.

Minimising Difficulties, Maximising Results

As anyone who has taken the reigns as a volunteer treasurer can tell you, the work is rewarding but time consuming. Through the different levels of licence we offer, we make sure that an organisations needs are met under all conditions, and are always available to assist our clients should they have queries or difficulties. Volunteer treasurers are satisfied with using our product because it saves them time and trouble, as well as produces clear documentation they can easily share with stakeholders at meetings. Features of our software allow for operations to become very streamlined, and many of the steps to proper accounting that can cause difficulties for non-professional accountants are automated, ensuring accuracy and simplicity.

From Here on Out

Admin Bandit is a work in constant progress, and we value feedback from every organisation that experiences our product. We value the positive responses we get from many organisations worldwide every year, and hope that with further exposure through articles like Wild Apricot’s list of online tools for non-profits we can continue to expand our reach, bringing the very best non-profit accounting software to community groups everywhere.