NAB Foundation GrantsGrants and endowments can be an important source of funding for your nonprofit. While many grants are issued by government entities, others are available from private sources, including independent foundations that seek to support the efforts of nonprofits and other organisations that are actively working to improve the lives and welfare of others. One such group is via the National Australia Bank (NAB) Foundation.

A History of Success

In 2016, the NAB Foundation issued 7 grants aimed at supporting efforts to improve well-being and mental health. Since 2008, the foundation has awarded over AUD$9.2 million in grants to 25 nonprofit organisations who have been working to bring about improvements in the welfare and well-being of communities nationwide.

Grant Categories and Grant Qualifications are Changing

For 2017, the foundation is expanding its efforts to support organisations that are making a real impact and improving lives. This year, the foundation will offer grants for up to three years. There will also be two categories of grants for which nonprofits, social enterprises and purpose driven start-ups may apply. These two categories are: the Domestic & Family Violence Support Grant and also the Financial Shocks Support Grant.

Recipients of the grants will receive between AUD$50,000 and up to AUD$500,000, which is to be paid out over a period of up to three years. Organisations applying for the grant do not have to be nonprofits as long as they serve a charitable purpose and cause. Entities seeking a grant from the foundation also no longer need to have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status to be eligible to apply.

Applications Close Soon!

If your organisation has been involved in efforts to reduce violence in families and their communities, or, has been actively working to improve financial literacy and stability in your community, then your nonprofit, or other qualifying organisation, may be able to secure the funds that it needs to fulfill its mission by applying and receiving one of these grants. The deadline to apply is fast approaching, so you will want to complete your application and submit it soon!

Grant applications opened with the foundation on March 27, and the last possible date and time that grant applications will be accepted by the foundation is at 5 p.m., on April 21, 2017. To learn more about the application process, and to complete and submit your application, please visit the NAB Foundation’s website.